• We are passionate about Real Estate & Customer Re-lations
  • Our Real Estate Methodology is set to industry stand-ards
  • We don’t lose sight of the fact that our CLIENTS are our FOUNDATIONS
  • We strategically plan your real estate goals and work with you to reach each milestone
  • Our industry experience is an advantage to our clients
  • Our client’s property exposure is maximised instantly to our existing investors, achieving top results & max-imising capital growth
  • A marketing plan that will reach the target market au-dience based on your property and area de-mographics
  • We provide client satisfaction guarantee

The Benefits of MAAX Real Estate & Investment Group

We are reputable agency known for our professionalism, experi-ence and excelling our clients property exposure through our alli-ance of buyers locally, nationally and internationally, achieving the desired result quickly and seamlessly.

At MAAX we are constantly building our network with a wide range of top Australian and international clients providing spe-cialist advice on investing in Urban Land, residential develop-ment projects and in the overall real estate investment sector, taking an innovative approach to structuring and delivering multi million dollar transactions swiftly and successfully maximizing capital growth for our clients.

We understand what drives investment growth, we use this knowledge to channel into our international network group, ex-posing YOUR PROPERTY to the most diversified market of inves-tors.

How our Vendors Benefit from Our Strategic Planning ?

We stay informed on Melbourne’s rapidly changing market trends and investigation areas which plays a significant role to assist our investors with acquiring quality stock in a prominent growth area allowing full potential to maximise on their capital growth.

Our vendors repeatedly benefit from this, why?
Our investors want to deal with MAAX, good business dealings lead to repeat business our vendor’s properties are immediately exposed to pre-qualified purchasers. We know their financial ca-pabilities effectively benefiting our vendor’s;

  • Achieved sale price
  • Contract Stability

Making the entire process a pleasurable experience for all par-ties involved.